Below is the link for White Rose 1-Minute Maths which is a free app for you to download.


Mathematics Policy 2020 (1)

Power Maths Reception Calculation Policy

Powermaths KS1 Calculation Policy

Power Maths LKS2 Calculation Policy

Power Maths UKS2 Calculations Policy


Maths Passport – September 2021

This year, we have continued with the maths passport.  You will have noticed that there is a list of maths targets in the front of your child’s planner.  These are specific to their year group and will be practiced in class and assessed regularly.  Once your child has successfully achieved all the targets they will gain their year group metal pin maths badge!

Maths Passport – Reception

Maths Passport – Year 1

Maths Passport – Year 2

Maths Passport – Year 3

Maths Passport – Year 4

Maths Passport – Year 5

Maths Passport – Year 6