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PE and Sports Premium

The government is providing additional funding to improve provision of physical education (PE) and sport in primary schools and beyond.  This is to help pupils develop healthy lifestyle habits for now and in the future, it will also help school’s to support the National Obesity and dental health crisis.  This funding is provided jointly by the Department for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport – will be allocated to primary school Headteachers. It is ring-fenced funding, and therefore can only be spent on provision of PE and sport.


For information on how we are using the Sports Premium Funding please click the below:


Sports Premium Funding Report 2021-22


Sports Premium Funding Report 2020-21


Sport Premium Funding 2019-2020



Year 6 competency over 25 metres = 12

Year 6 range of strokes = 12

Year 6 safe self-rescue =1


  • Specialised Sports Instruction.  This gives each class high quality multi sports delivery, from Tameside Sports Trust, each week for an hour.  As well as this the sports coaches offer an extra-curricular club (timetabled throughout the year) to offer sports that the children may not have experienced e.g. golf/volleyball etc., that can then continue in community clubs.
  • Specialised Rugby Instruction x 6 sessions will be provided for Year 2.
  • Specialised Cricket Instruction x 6 sessions will be provided for Year 3/4
  • City In The Community Specialised Sports Instruction x 6 for Year 5/6


  • Specialised Dance Instruction.  This gives each class half an hours specialist instruction, in dance, including dance experiences that the children may not have experienced e.g. country dance/clog dance/free dance/street dance.  As well as this the dance coaches offer an extra-curricular club (timetabled throughout the year) to offer dance so that can then continue in community clubs.
  • Active 8 – An aerobic session x 6 followed by sessions around nutrition (particularly sugar and salt).


  • This is provided for Year 5 children to attain national curriculum standards in swimming and for Year 6 who have not yet achieved this.
  • Year 4 pupils also receive swimming lessons to give them a head start to achieve this standard.
  • We aim for all our children to be proficient swimmers to a competitive level.


School dedicates one week in the summer term to concentrate solely on healthy bodies and minds.  This is resourced/funded through our sports premium funding. During this week we invite as many members of community sports groups into the school to make the children aware of what is available and encourage them to take up sports as hobbies/clubs etc.  Groups we have invited in the past include Broadbottom Cricket Club, Freddie Fit and Judo and Karate coaches.


Participation in sport is encouraged at all times, and given as much precedence, within the curriculum, as other core subjects.  Children at our school develop an enjoyment of sport, and as such, participate in activity within the local community as active members of sports clubs, including swimming, gymnastics, football and cricket.

At Broadbottom, we encourage children to not only participate in sport, but to adopt a healthy eating regime, with a view to pupils becoming healthy adults and imparting their knowledge to their own children, in the future.

We believe that through the notion of a ‘healthy mind; healthy body’, children will be better equipped to achieve their potential.