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The teaching of a modern foreign language at primary school level, provides pupils with an insight into another culture and lifestyle, a greater understanding of the manipulation of language as well as providing the foundation for continued learning at secondary school.

At Broadbottom CE (VC) Primary School pupils from Year 3 up to Year 6 learn German once a week with Fraulein Hawkins. Pupils enjoy learning about the culture of Germany and its language through songs, games and stories. Lessons are designed to engage pupils and a strong emphasis is placed on speaking the language in early key stage 2 and developing  skills in Listening, Speaking, Reading and upper key stage 2

Topics covered include basic greetings, numbers up to 100, pets, colours, food and drink and family.

A variety of teaching methods are used including IT, interactive resources such as Felix und Franzi and Karla und Kai from the Goethe Institute, alongside resources from Zeitfurdeutsche which pupils can also access at home, authentic material from Germany and books. . Throughout the year we celebrate festivals and events which are observed in Germany. This will include celebrating the European Day of Languages and how Christmas is celebrated.

Our curriculum is carefully designed to ensure key knowledge and skills progress in a logical and sequenced way, thus enabling pupils to revisit previously taught content and to build upon it year on year. We use carefully structured progression documents to ensure that substantive and disciplinary knowledge and skills are clearly outlined and sequenced, thus enabling the children to know and remember more, as they move through school.

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