Music at Broadbottom is taught using throughout the school using Charanga Scheme of work.

We aim is to develop each pupil’s musical potential giving opportunities for self-expression and creativity.

  • Music provides pupils with a range of vocabulary to describe the features of different musical styles and genres and articulate their response to these.
  • *Music encourages teamwork, helping build relationships by providing pupils with shared experiences.
  • *Pupils demonstrate perseverance, persistence and discipline as they develop their musical skills.
  • Having the opportunity to play musical instruments helps pupils to develop  self-discipline and improve memory
  • Through learning about different historical periods, including genres, famous composers and musicians, pupils understand the importance of music’s place in society.
  • Music allows pupils to express their feelings and ideas through composition and performance.

We aim to foster all children’s enjoyment of music through the experience of a wide range of musical styles and activities. Pupils are encouraged to develop their singing ability and to explore the sounds made by a  range of tuned and un-tuned instruments, beginning to compose music and an introduction to music technology using apps like Garage Band. Through these activities the children also learn about the elements of music, for example, pitch, duration, texture and dynamics.


Music Charanga

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