Assessment at Broadbottom takes place daily in the classroom during lesson time, during short tests and quizzes at the end of units and themes. In addition, throughout the year pupils from Year 1 to Year 6, pupils undertake 3 formal assessments during a test week in  the autumn, spring and summer terms,. This helps prepare pupils for statutory testing and also informs teaching and learning.

Schools are regulated by the DFE to conduct a statutory Baseline Assessment with reception children in the first 6 weeks when they begin school. This is used to measure progress between key stages from each pupils starting point.

KS1 pupils also undertake statutory  tasks  in Year 2., which can take place anytime during May each year. These results are used alongside teacher assessments, to gauge attainment and progress at the end of Key Stage 1. (Key Stage 1 SATS are set to be abolished from September 2023)

KS2 have end of key stage statutory tests in May each year  in Maths, Reading and Grammar, Spellings and Punctuation (SPAG), plus teacher assessments in writing and science. Results are published in early July.


The information in this section, provides the age related expectations pupils should acquire in each subject:


Skills Ladders

ICT Pathfinders

ICT Adventurers

ICT Navigators

MFL Adventurers

MFL Navigators

English Pathfinders Reading 1

English Pathfinders Reading 2

English Adventurers Reading

English Navigators Reading

English Pathfinders Speaking and Listening

English Adventurers Speaking and Listening

English Navigators Speaking and Listening

English Pathfinders Writing

English Pathfinders Writing 2

English Pathfinders Writing 3

English Adventurers Writing

English Navigators Writing

English Navigators Writing 2

Art Pathfinders

Art Pathfinders 2

Art Adventurers

Art Adventurers 2

Art Navigators

Art Navigators 2

Dance Pathfinders

Dance Adventurers

Dance Navigators

Drama Pathfinders

Drama Adventurers

Drama Navigators

Music Pathfinders

Music Adventurers

Music Navigators

Citizenship Pathfinders

Citizenship Adventurers

Citizenship Navigators

RE Pathfinders

RE Pathfinders 2

RE Adventurers

RE Navigators

Personal Wellbeing Pathfinders

Personal Wellbeing Adventurers

Personal Wellbeing Navigators

PE Pathfinders Games 1

PE Pathfinders Games 1 con/d

PE Pathfinder Games 2

PE Pathfinder Gym

PE Adventurers Games

PE Adventurers Gym

PE Adventurers Games 2

PE Adventurers Gym 2

PE Navigators Games

PE Navigators Gym

PE Navigators Games 2

PE Navigators Gym 2

Geography Pathfinders

Geography Adventurers

Geography Navigators

History Pathfinders

History Adventurers

History Navigators

Computing – science and technology all

Design & Technology Pathfinders

Design & Technology Adventurers

Design & Technology Navigators

Science Pathfinders

Science Adventurers

Science Navigators



PSHE EXplorers

Communication & Language Explorers

Communication & Language – Explorers 2

Communication & Language – Speaking Explorers

Physical Development _ Moving & Handling Explorers

Physical Development- Health & Self Care Explorers

Literacy Explorers

Maths Explorers

Maths Explorers 2

Understanding the World Explorers

Expressive Arts & Design Explorers

Expressive Arts & Design Explorers 2

PSED Explorers

CLL Explorers