The information in this section, provides the age related expectations pupils should acquire in each subject:


Skills Ladders

ICT Pathfinders

ICT Adventurers

ICT Navigators

MFL Adventurers

MFL Navigators

English Pathfinders Reading 1

English Pathfinders Reading 2

English Adventurers Reading

English Navigators Reading

English Pathfinders Speaking and Listening

English Adventurers Speaking and Listening

English Navigators Speaking and Listening

English Pathfinders Writing

English Pathfinders Writing 2

English Pathfinders Writing 3

English Adventurers Writing

English Navigators Writing

English Navigators Writing 2

Art Pathfinders

Art Pathfinders 2

Art Adventurers

Art Adventurers 2

Art Navigators

Art Navigators 2

Dance Pathfinders

Dance Adventurers

Dance Navigators

Drama Pathfinders

Drama Adventurers

Drama Navigators

Music Pathfinders

Music Adventurers

Music Navigators

Citizenship Pathfinders

Citizenship Adventurers

Citizenship Navigators

RE Pathfinders

RE Pathfinders 2

RE Adventurers

RE Navigators

Personal Wellbeing Pathfinders

Personal Wellbeing Adventurers

Personal Wellbeing Navigators

PE Pathfinders Games 1

PE Pathfinders Games 1 con/d

PE Pathfinder Games 2

PE Pathfinder Gym

PE Adventurers Games

PE Adventurers Gym

PE Adventurers Games 2

PE Adventurers Gym 2

PE Navigators Games

PE Navigators Gym

PE Navigators Games 2

PE Navigators Gym 2

Geography Pathfinders

Geography Adventurers

Geography Navigators

History Pathfinders

History Adventurers

History Navigators

Computing – science and technology all

Design & Technology Pathfinders

Design & Technology Adventurers

Design & Technology Navigators

Science Pathfinders

Science Adventurers

Science Navigators



PSHE EXplorers

Communication & Language Explorers

Communication & Language – Explorers 2

Communication & Language – Speaking Explorers

Physical Development _ Moving & Handling Explorers

Physical Development- Health & Self Care Explorers

Literacy Explorers

Maths Explorers

Maths Explorers 2

Understanding the World Explorers

Expressive Arts & Design Explorers

Expressive Arts & Design Explorers 2

PSED Explorers

CLL Explorers