‘Let your light shine…’  Matthew 5:16
This Sunday we will be holding a toy service at St Michael’s. We would like to ask that people do not bring toys, due to quarantine restrictions but if you would like to donate a gift for a local child, for a family who are struggling this year, please bring a gift card to church and mark on the back the amount that you have put on it.
These will be distributed so that parents and carers can buy what the child would like. Gift cards can be purchased from supermarkets and the Post Office.
If you cannot attend the church service on Sunday but would like to give a gift, please place the card in an envelope marked “Toy Service” and put it through the vicarage letterbox at:


30a Broadbottom Road,
SK14 6JB


Please remember that if you wish to attend church on Sunday, you will need to book a bubble space with our parish administrator. Please contact Kate only between Monday and Thursday each week, to book for the following Sunday’s service. You can phone her on 01457 857248 or preferably, email her at katebest@mottramparish.org.uk.